Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trailers and stuff...

I talked to a trailer expert yesterday. He didn't seem very sympathetic to my cause. :-( When I asked him what he would NOT do, he said he would not go higher than 8 feet with only one axle. I think he meant 8 feet from the trailer bed, not the ground. But still, my tiniest designs need SOME storage, whether underneath or overhead. I wonder if I could design something that small? Probably. But would it be able to meet my traveling needs? I don't know. As it stands now, the smallest trailer I can probably go with is 6 x 12. That is still pretty small. With two axles it would be plenty sturdy and strong. I guess I could go back to the idea of a sleeping loft if I wanted to. My SD trailer had a sleeping loft, a gravity shower, a place for a guest to sleep. Maybe I could incorporate some of my ideas from the 5 x 8. Good thing I'm still in the planning stages. Sometimes I think it'll never happen. Well, I hope it will, but having just watched the end of the movie, 'click' I am reminded not to 'fast-forward' through the other parts of my life, either.

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