Sunday, April 3, 2011

More about tiny houses

Yesterday I hit on the bright idea of entering through the kitchen. I'm amazed at how much more closet space I can get by only having one door in the great room. Coming in through the kitchen eliminates the need for any kind of hallway through the closet area. So it can stretch all the way across the back wall. That's about 7 feet, and it's a pretty big closet. I split it up into closet and shelves, since I don't hang very many of my clothes. Now I MIGHT change it back, since I did like the idea of coming in to a place to hang my coat and put my shoes. We'll see. I still have a lot of time, and this thing may go through more than one total makeover. I can't make up my mind whether I want all the amenities, or if I want to go as small as I can to make it easier and cheaper to travel. That's a hard one. I think I want it to be small for traveling, but then, if I'm not traveling, there's a whole lot I can do with an 18' trailer. Or 20'. 20' seems like a mansion. It's amazing how your perspective changes when you start thinking small. The newest version is only a 14' trailer. It has a small front porch, but half of it folds up over the other half when on the road, and the steps fold up, too. I decided to make it in three parts, so they won't be too heavy. I tried to upload a picture here of my google sketch, but it isn't the right format. Duh! It's 3D! I'll see if I can include a link to it, although it may be a little hard to see, since things start getting in the way of each other in a 3D drawing. I tried to leave out the walls, but still show where the closets and shelves will be. I'm a novice at google sketch-up, but it's fun. I'll go see if I can up load a link to it now.

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